• Sweeper Walk Behind - 28-36

    The Ariens® all-season power brush can be used to clear snow, slush, and debris. It can also be used to thoroughly dethatch lawns. Its dual-belt drive transmits engine power directly to the brush and provides 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. All-wheel drive with automatic traction control. Safe to use on decorative surfaces.


    • 169 cc Subaru EX 17 engine to clear light snow, slush and debris
    • 28 in. clearing path makes quick work of driveway and sidewalk snow removal
    • 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds let you adjust to snow throwing for different conditions
    • Automatic steering and traction control optimizes maneuverability with no levers or triggers
    • Includes a 120-Volt electric start to provide a quick and easy way to start the power brush
    • Remote fingertip control from the handlebar pivots the brush head to allow you to sweep straight ahead or at a 40 degree angle left or right
    • Height adjustment to accommodate various surfaces and reduce brush wear
    • Flexible bristles conform to the surface, ideal for uneven walkways and paths
    • Replaceable brush core ensures optimal performance
    • Aggressive 13 in. x 4 in. directional snow-tread tires help ensure traction on snow-covered surfaces
    • Rust-resistant exterior for long-term use
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